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KELLER WINDCHIME ANGUS had 3 Herd Bulls who received  PATHFINDER  SIRE status in 2017!  More information found on the Keller Windchime Angus in the News section of the website. 

Windchime Program 2513  -   2017 Pathfinder Sire

Below is the bull video for the 2018 Bull Sale.  
Please excuse the dirty work clothes that the bulls are displaying - it has been a very wet winter.  Also, I apologize for the long pause at the beginning of the video, I didn't catch it until it was too late.

Windchime Queen 7315 - a top selling heifer from our herd.

Two traits that are very important to us are disposition and reproduction. 
We need a calf on the ground and so do our customers.  We also need cattle that we can handle, and so do our customers.  We don't take the other traits lightly, but these two are the front and foremost. 
Windchime Foreman 6278

A former herd bull and Pathfinder Bull

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have any problems. 

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** Please note that almost all of the pictures (including the background picture), are photos that we took personally.  Only a few pictures in this site were not taken by us.