Our Farm and Development Center

We added the Development Center in 2005.  The Development Center consists of two cattle buildings.  The first building has 4 sections, 3 for cattle and 1 for the working chute.  The second building houses 3 sections for cattle.  The lots are large, dirt lots that slope slightly uphill to the feed bunks.  We designed it so that the cattle would get a good amount of exercise throughout the day.  We also added a Commodity Building for ground hay and distiller's grain.  


In the Fall of 2012, Keller Windchime Angus added 2 wind turbines to our farm.  One powers the silos and the other powers the grain bins and the Development Center.  
Aerial view of the main farm taken in June 2015.  The cattle are all out in the pastures enjoying the nice, green grass.